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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning
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Ducts Unlimited's technicians are professional air duct & dryer vent cleaners.  We’ll take care of your business by cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing your air systems.  Plus, we use video inspection technology to ensure your system is fully cleaned.

Commercial Air Systems Are Breeding Grounds

Your business’ HVAC Systems are potential breeding grounds for harmful, airborne contaminants such as bacteria, insulation fibers, dirt, debris, mold and mildew that can gather in your air systems and be continuously spread around your building.  When this occurs, the indoor air quality of your facility suffers.  Plus, mix these contaminants with varying tempatures, humidity levels and airflow in your HVAC System and you’ve got a recipe for an unhealthy and energy inefficient business environment.  Not only are there additional health risk with a dirty HVAC System, but a system's operating and efficacy standards are impaired, resulting in higher operating cost for the facility.

With the increased concern over your customer and employee’s healthy, comfort and safety and rising energy costs, following the position on maintaining an acceptable indoor air quality and having your ductwork cleaned should be a part of your overall “Standard of Care”. 


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Dirty Air Ducts are Bad for Businesses

Costs Your Business Money
Unhealthy and unsafe indoor air quality can cost your business money from contaminated products, lower employee productivity, risk of fires and potential lawsuits. Protect your business by cleaning you air ducts.

Contaminated Products
Dust in your customer's soup or the product you make can affect the quality of your business's service, products and reputation, and even be potential reason to be sued.

Risk of lawsuits
The liability for unheathy or safe conditions in your building is cause for concern. Increased lawsuits from employees and customers can negatively impact your bottom line as well as your reputation.

Fire Hazard

Air ducts clogged with dust, debris and other contaminates puts your facility at risk for fires. Small or large fires can hurt, or worse, put you out of business.

Lower Employee Productivity
Employees who are exposed to pour indoor air on a regular basis have a higher risk of being sick. This means either less product while on the job or having to take sick leave, negatively impacting your business's productivity.

Unhealthy Environment
Bacteria, mold, mildew, dirt, debris and other contaminants in your air ducts are not only unhealthy but unsafe as well. Whether you are an assisted living home, day care or restaurant, you can't afford sick customers or employees.

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